Zurich is built.

This credo of the Zurich building director of the nineties was one of the foundations for new and exemplary planning instruments for the whole of Switzerland. Cooperative planning makes it possible for Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, to focus on quality and sustainability in development areas as well. Young, local architects can compete in public competitions.

The city is growing sustainably: The 2000-watt society is also aimed at the 10'000 flats which were to be built after the millennium in the following 10 years. This is still happening in the area of ​​cooperative housing construction, where Zurich boasts the largest share in Switzerland, but also in the transition areas where Zurich wants to fly high. If Zurich now is more dense, that's the question.

Even the historically grown center is changing and with its scenic location on the lake is a special challenge for urban development interventions.

Foto © Thomas Entzeroth, Zürich